Jacob Kerssemakers (1968). Plein air artist.

After years of struggling in vain on an artistically sound introduction text, I’ll settle for the numbers, with which I feel considerably more at ease.

I paint panoramas ‘plein air’ on homemade scroll easels.

Since 2001 I made drawings and paintings for some 1000 meters (2100 feet) on paper and canvas of heights between 10 and 60 cms (4inches to 2 feet), making works with lengths beween 1 and 10 meters (3-33 feet). My painting speed is between 0.2 and 1.5 meter per hour (1-5 feet), with an order of three strokes per second, depending on color use and mixing. I try to reach about 100 works per year but will settle happily for less.

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KVK: 57470669